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Production Checklist


  • All fonts (printer & screen versions if applicable) used in document
  • Scans (if provided) at a minimum of 150dpi at final output size for digital photography & inkjet, and 300dpi for pre-press applications
  • List defining color space(s) (RGB-CMYK) utilized in documents
  • List defining linked graphics, final trim sizes, crops, bleeds, etc.
  • Anything else you think might help us meet your expectations.

File Formats – File Details:

  • Preferred file formats: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In-Design, and PDF.
  • Proportions of the documents MUST match the desired final size and cropping must be clearly marked.
  • Bleed (1/8″) should be included.
    • Artwork MUST allow for finishing (pole pockets, grommets, frames, edge wraps, etc.).
  • Any image/text that should not be stitched through must be far enough away from edges to accommodate stitching of sleeves and hems.
  • When panel matching will be required, consider how this will affect the art. Type characters or critical image elements should not cross over panel breaks.
  • To avoid confusion send ONLY files needed to produce the job.
  • To ensure accurate color matching, specify Pantone (PMS) colors. When Pantone equivalent colors are not available, proofs are strongly recommended to review color. Do not create blends using Pantone colors.
  • Submit files in appropriate file formats.
    • Vector Art: Native file format or as an EPS (DO NOT submit Quark EPS files).
    • Raster Art: Native file format or as an EPS or Tiff (DO NOT submit JPEGs, GIFs, PICTs, etc.). Include layered PSD or TIFF file(s) if additional editing is needed.
  • Supply all support files. Include both printer and screen fonts for all files or convert all text to outlines. TrueType and MultipleMaster fonts are not recommended and may cause delays.
    • PC Users – convert fonts to outline if no additional editing is needed.
  • Support files MUST NOT be embedded. All files must be saved in an editable format and linked.
  • Raster images must be Photoshop compatible.
  • Vector images must be Illustrator compatible.
  • Illustrator, In-Design or Freehand files using transparencies will be problematic; production delays should be expected. Call for recommendations on how to submit these files.
  • All images should be saved at the appropriate resolution. DO NOT resize lower resolution files to a higher resolution.
    • Digital Photo: 150 dpi at final print size.
    • Noritsu photo: 400 dpi at final print size.
    • Epson inkjet: no less than 150 dpi at final print size.
    • Wide Format UV or Eco-Solvent: 75 – 150 dpi at final print size.
  • Create and view Photoshop files in the appropriate color mode.
    • CMYK for 4/c process printing
    • RGB for all other output
    • Embed ICC color profiles

Download a copy of our:

Digital File Check List