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First impressions are important.

Dodge-Chrome prints custom signs and graphics to meet all your visual communications needs and help set your business (or personal style) apart from the competition. We specialize in corporate office spaces in the Washington, DC area – embassies, professional firms, universities, and retail spaces. Whether creating graphics for a temporary campaign, construction project, or event, or printing graphics to set the atmosphere in a corporate office or shop, Dodge-Chrome delivers knock-out services with years of experience and support.

We print graphics on a grand scale.

The state-of-the-art digital printing equipment at Dodge-Chrome ensures that we can deliver the best graphics for the job, no matter what your large-scale printing project might be. From wide-format printing for wraps and decals, to fine art quality prints that are face-mounted on acrylic, we have the know-how and flexibility to print on just about any material or surface.

From proof to print, and from logistics to installation.

Dodge-Chrome goes beyond just printing your large-scale graphics and art; we oversee logistics and manage installation, too! No two printing projects are ever the same, so we diligently plan to ensure that your graphics are installed smoothly and professionally - whether hanging fine art with a simple nail in the wall, or wrapping the entire facade of a downtown building.

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