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Give your art the love and attention it deserves with custom framing from Dodge-Chrome. Our digital mat cutting machines offer controlled, laser-fine cutting for single- or multiple-opening mats. We also offer an incredible range of frame styles, finishes, and materials, including many environmentally friendly solutions. At Dodge-Chrome, our highest priorities are the care and protection of your art, and the precision of our custom framing techniques.

How to choose the perfect frame:

Like the stem to the flower, the frame is an integral part of your artwork and provides strength, protection, and individuality. The frame should always flatter the artwork within, which makes a custom framing solution from Dodge-Chrome so important. No matter your style, décor, or art, Dodge-Chrome brings together the perfect balance of mat and frame.


Decide to stretch or protect We can stretch your canvas over a frame, or protect your art under glass (less likely to scratch) or acrylic (more durable and shatterproof).


Choose the frame style Traditional and ornate, or abstract and modern? Based on your art and surroundings, we can suggest the best frame to complement your style.


Define the frame width The width of the frame is used to relate the art to the scale of your room or furnishings, so that the art feels authentic to the space it calls home.


Select a frame color Do you prefer the classic elegance of black and white framing? Or perhaps the grain and stain of wood to enhance and reflect the color of the art?


Opt for a mat or no mat To give visual relief between the frame and art, some choose a custom mat. We help you decide the best mat width, texture, and color for you.

Need a custom frame? We can help.

Protect and display your most treasured collections and memories – whether souvenirs from a trip, a truly magnificent golf score card, or a playbill from a first date.

You name it, we frame it!

  • Fine art pieces
  • Photographic prints
  • Posters and children’s artwork
  • Commendations, certificates and awards
  • Historic and rare documents

Have you been framed?

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