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Photo & Fabric Displays

Beautiful, full-color pop-up and hop up tension photo & fabric display panels available up to 10-feet wide.

  • No more unsightly seams and puckers smack in the middle of your popup display image!
  • A lightweight aluminum frame system quickly expands to support fabric or graphic panels.
  • Units pack neatly with lights and accessories into durable wheeled cases that convert to a podium.
  • Our pop-up and hop-up exhibit display systems offer a powerful combination of flexibility, durability and simplicity.
  • Pop up and hop up displays are available in straight or curved configurations
  • End caps and lights also available for pop-up and hop-up models
  • Rolling carry bag available for some popup and hopup models

Pop-ups so quick and easy to install, even the boss can do it!


Walk around and welcome your prospects! With Dodge-Chrome’s expertise in high quality imaging, we can take your fabric or photo pop-up exhibit display to the next level. Our attention to quality speaks for itself.

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