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Policies & Terms

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders: We request that purchase orders accompany all incoming jobs. Please list your company, name, phone number, project title, due date – and all pertinent information necessary for correct production and billing of your project. If your company doesn’t use purchase orders, we will provide a client request form listing the proposed services and costs involved for your approval and signature.

Payment Terms

Open Accounts: Net 30 days from date of invoice. All Others: C.O.D. All C.O.D. orders & jobs without formal purchase orders require a 50% deposit. Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards are accepted with a minimum charge of $20.00.

Open Accounts

You are invited to fill out an application for an open account. The minimum charge for open account purchases is $20 (excluding film processing & proofs). Jobs are normally invoiced on a per order basis. Statements are mailed at the end of each month. If an outstanding invoice becomes 60 days past due (90 days old), all future orders are placed on a C.O.D. basis until the account is brought up to date. We require the signature of an authorized officer within the requesting company, personally guaranteeing payment-in-full to Dodge-Chrome for all completed and accepted transactions. Exceptions may be made for publicly listed companies, some associations, and government agencies. Check with our bookkeeping department for clarification.

Sales Tax

All jobs delivered in Maryland or the District of Columbia (Washington, D. C.) by Dodge-Chrome are subject to applicable state sales tax unless a Maryland or District of Columbia tax exempt form is on file with us.


Unless other arrangements are made, all charges incurred in the shipping and handling of materials will be billed at cost plus 15%. C.O.D. orders must be paid in full before pickup by or delivery to customer.


Normal service times are for our standard business day, and begin upon our receipt of your order. Large orders or projects requiring make-ready services may cause substantial deviation from normal scheduling.

Weekend/Holiday Charges

$500.00 minimum to open our production departments. All production services carry a 100% rush surcharge. Additionally, overtime labor is charged at $120.00 per hour.

Second Party Billing

2nd party billing: Customers or agents presenting an order and wishing to charge a second party shall remain liable for the cost of all work until the total amount of the invoice is paid in full.


Re-orders or additions, unless requested within 48 hours of job completion, will be charged as a new order.


We will remake print orders if deemed unacceptable by both parties, and if the request is made within 48 hours of accepting delivery of the job. If a remake is required, all materials involved in the original project must be returned with your copy of the original order/instructions. Clearly state the reason for the remake, providing explicit instructions for the correction required. If a remake is requested to match materials or laser printouts that weren’t included with the original order, then the remake will be charged at our normal full price.

Image Regardless Policy

When submitted materials or electronic files contain irregularities, and in our opinion, will not produce a satisfactory end-product, we will undertake production only on an “image regardless” basis – with the understanding that the final results may not meet professional standards. For this reason, we cannot accept a remake on an image regardless order. Additionally, quantity print orders in which the client waives our “1st Print” approval process – will be printed only on an image regardless basis.

Early Return of Originals

When we are requested to return the original materials prior to the completion of the reproduction process, it deprives us of the ability to compare the final product with the originals for color balance and density. We cannot guarantee a professional quality reproduction under these circumstances and the order will be produced on an image regardless basis.


All prices and production times in this brochure are exclusive of transportation. Unless arrangements are made in advance, pick-up and delivery are your responsibility. Should delay or damage in transit occur, all claims arising will be claimed from the courier by you.


Our reputation is based on the extreme care exercised in the handling of your original materials. However, submitting any exposed, and/or unprocessed film to us for processing, printing, or other handling, constitutes an AGREEMENT by you that any damages or loss by our company, or agents, even though due to the negligence or other fault of our company, or agents, will only entitle you to replacement of a like amount of unexposed film and processing UNLESS you have indicated a higher value to us in writing, at the time of our acceptance and paid to us, in advance, the cost of our purchasing an insurance premium covering any possible damage or loss.

All claims of loss or damage to property such as artwork, prints, previously processed film, etc. must be waived as to reimbursable value UNLESS you have indicated a replacement value to us in writing, prior to our acceptance and paid to us, in advance, our cost of insuring said property against damage or loss.

Except for the liabilities stated above, the acceptance by our company, or its agents, of any customer property is without warranty or liability-and recovery for any incidental or consequential damages is excluded.


Any submitted artwork or photography is considered to be copyrighted, and must be accompanied by a written release from the photographer or artist, and stating your right of reproduction before work is entered into production.

Even if the artwork or photography does not bear a photographer’s or artist’s identifying mark, the Purchaser agrees to save and hold harmless, and to indemnify Dodge-Chrome for all cost, expenses, attorney’s fees or judgements resulting from any claim or lawsuit asserting copyright infringement or other violation of applicable law arising out of purchaser’s order or the enforcement of any provision.