Dodge-Chrome, Inc.

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Now you can make your own greeting cards and invitations, uniquely suited to the occasion.

Whether it’s a holiday, special event, thank you, or reminder, Dodge-Chrome’s custom photo quality ensures you have something worth sending.

  • Holiday greetings
  • Party Invitations
  • Weddings
  • Family Events
  • Special Announcements

We use our acid-free, premium 100 lb. cover stock for all cards and offer matching envelopes. Cards
can be ordered with or without our brilliant glossy protective coating. Quantities start in sets of 25, and
you can expect the usual fast turnaround.

Additional: 10% for gloss coating on one side, 15% for coating on two sides.

Standard turnaround: 3 Business Days. Larger quantities are available.

Shop Online

Order your holiday greeting cards and calendars from our online ordering system. Pick up from any of our three locations.