Dodge-Chrome, Inc.

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Bringing Images to Life

Dodge Color and Chrome Imaging, both leading photographic and print production houses for over 30 years, joined forces to officially become Dodge-Chrome, Inc. in March of 2010. The plentiful list of services we offer includes, but is not limited to, museum quality scanning and archiving services , digital retouching and enhancement, trade show exhibits and graphics, custom small and large format photographic printing, digital short-run printing (including cards, calendars, and brochures), inkjet fine art printing, green/eco-friendly signage options, large format outdoor banners and graphics, interior acrylic face mount prints, professional film processing, mounting framing, and installation.

Dodge-Chrome, Inc. is committed to maintaining the high level of customer service, on-time and on-budget services to both private sector and government clients, outstanding products and innovative offerings their customers have come to expect.

Our mission is to inspire and support our clients in the communication and preservation of their messages, stories and imagery with exceptional service and solutions.

We will strive to exceed the highest of expectations and utilize our expertise to establish and maintain their trust – one file, one print, one project at a time.

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