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If you have a surface, we can wrap it.

Turn blank canvases into inspiring art or results-driven signage with a mural, wallcovering, or wrap from Dodge-Chrome! Whether you need custom printed fabric or wallpaper, oversized canvas prints or mounted signs, or vinyl graphics and decals, our team is ready to turn bland into grand!

Discover what we can wrap – and where!

Look around your office space, business, or home; almost any surface can be wrapped in beautiful and durable graphics.

  • Building Exteriors
  • Floors & Sidewalks
  • Fences
  • Windows
  • Painted Dry Wall
  • Bricks & Concrete
  • and more!

Depending on the size and surface of your project area, Dodge-Chrome can recommend a custom wallcovering or mural that transforms your space with high-quality digital art. From sports facilities and universities, to corporate offices and retail environments, we’ve wrapped it all. We specialize in creating large print graphics and murals for embassies (we are based in the Washington, DC metro area, after all), as well as historic buildings, malls, vacant street windows, construction sites, storefronts, and events.

A custom wallcovering can transform your space and improve your curb appeal.

We create durable and long-lasting full-color graphics that can be affixed to any surface. Will a long-term construction project diminish your curb appeal? Cover your work site, fencing, or scaffolding with a custom outdoor wrap. Vacant windows or empty storefronts have you down? Improve the look and feel of spaces undergoing transition with an oversized window decal. Faced with an expansive blank wall or bare office space? A custom wallcovering or mural is a cost-effective way to transform your space and boost company morale and creativity.

That's a wrap!

Say hello to Dodge-Chrome.

Murals and wraps are a beautiful way to tell your corporate story.

Discuss your custom mural, wallcovering, or wrap project.