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Showcase more brilliant colors and
a sharper image with acrylic photo prints.

Transform your digital photos into gallery-quality artwork with acrylic photo prints, also called acrylic face mounts or Diasec prints. We print your graphic or picture on high-grade photo paper, then layer it directly under glossy acrylic glass. Looking through the acrylic at your photo creates a stunning effect, similar to backlighting. For the finishing touch, we add hidden hardware to easily mount or “float” your artwork on the wall.

A better way to showcase your art.

Mounting your photos under acrylic is a long-lasting way to showcase your art. Perfectly transparent, the glossy acrylic glass overlay is lightweight and shatterproof – protecting the art underneath from dust or abrasions. Colors are intensified with acrylic mounting, which creates a vivid sense of depth and dimension to your artwork or images. What’s more, the UV-resistant acrylic glass protects the art from damaging light.

Acrylic ranging in thickness from 3/16” up to 1/2” can ‘sandwich’ the print for enhanced durability and strength. Give the illusion of floating art or build a divider wall by drilling the corners of acrylic face mounts and affixing hanging, stand-off hardware.

What's your project?

Whether to create a stunning gallery for your home, or hanging graphics for your office or business, acrylic face mounts with polished edges truly are showpieces. An alternative to traditional framing, acrylic photo prints offer unique and endless possibilities for artwork and graphic displays.

Discuss your modern, frameless photo mounting ideas with Dodge-Chrome today!